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Style Tips for Men

A man's clothes reveal his personality. Here are some tips on how to dress well without investing on expensive clothing:

  • While shopping for a suit, wear a dress shirt to ensure proper fitting.
  • Always set off a dark suit with a white shirt and a light tie for a dramatic day to evening wear transition.
  • A sports jacket should be long enough to cover your rear.
  • The lapel of a suit should extend just a little less than the halfway mark between the collar and the shoulder line.
  • The signs of an ill-fitting suit include: wrinkles below the collar; lapels spread or gap.
  • Lapels should roll softly and lie flat against the chest.
  • Flaps on a suit pocket should be consistent with the size of the lapels and they should not draw attention to themselves.
  • Trust the sales associate when it comes to the 'right' size suit for your best fit.
  • Look for ample fabric inside the pants so they can be tailored if required.
  • 100 percent wool is the 'best buy' for dress pants as they are wrinkle resistant.
  • Resist the urge to suck in your belly when you are being fitted for pants.
  • Look for dress pants that are lined.
  • Pants should cover your socks and have a slight break over the shoe.

  • High quality shirts are made of 2-ply cotton.
  • Dress shirts should be 100 percent cotton.
  • Look for single stitched seams.
  • For a good fit, when your top bottom is done up, you should be able to comfortably insert two fingers between your neck and collar.
  • Tapered shirts are countered through the waist to emphasize the shape of the body.
  • Yes, you will need to iron your cotton shirt. It is easier to iron when slightly damp.
  • The comfort, feel and life of a cotton shirt far outweighs this slight inconvenience.
  • Place your freshly ironed cotton shirt on a hanger and leave it overnight. This will help prevent wrinkling.
  • Never wear shirts that are soiled or stained.