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Tips on Care of Oily Skin

Oily skin needs extra care as oil deposit on the surface of the skin block the pores and cause acne. Wash your skin frequently.
  • Don't use very hot water or hard soaps or cleansers.
  • It will dry and irritate your skin.
  • Wash with a mild cleanser that cleans without drying your skin.
  • Never use oil-based cosmetics for oily skin.
  • It will aggravate oil on your skin and create further blemishes
  • Always use water-based cosmetics.
  • Avoid cold cream and lotions. It will leave an oily layer over the skin.
  • Watch your diet. Avoid fish and iodised salt in your food.

Skin Care

The hectic pace of modern lifestyles leave little room for personal grooming. But with just a little care you could still have a healthy, glowing skin.

Sun-proof yourself:
Exposure of skin to harsh sunlight will lead to the development of wrinkles and crowfeet. So make sure you use a sun protection.

Drink to your health:
Water is the other key to beautiful and healthy skin. It keeps the body hydrated and the skin supple.

Quick shower yourself: A long hot shower will help your body unwind.Soothe your skin: A scrub or loofah during a shower will invigorate your skin. Don't over-exfoliate: Exfoliation is a way to enhance the brightness of your complexion but make sure that your natural tender skin does not get over-exfoliated.

Cleanse before going to bed:
Don't forget to cleanse your skin every night before going to bed. You can always use a good cleanser or just soap and water to clean your face and neck. Wipe off perspiration often:
When perspiration dries on the skin, it might lead to pimples and acne. So, keep a clean towel to wipe away perspiration