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  Fashion and Beauty
Rodeo Drive - Timeless Appeal

Time is precious. But time becomes distinctively priceless when it costs a few whopping lakhs. Just walk into the exclusive showroom of Rodeo Drive, to drool over hundreds of expensive and eye-catching watches and ache to possess one of the beauties yourself.

With a stunning array of some of the world's best known watches, it is a 'one stop watch shop' for any connoisseur. Their booty includes 'Omega, Baume 'n Mercier, Tag, Gucci, Rado, Swatch, Longines, Tissot, Titoni, Movado, Hugo Boss, Mont Blanc and Century'. Quite a Watches from Christian Diorsparkling list, one might say.A well-equipped service center and a wide variety of brands all with an assured stamp of authenticity are what ensure a loyal and elite clientele for Rodeo Drive.

Their range starts from Rs 1500 upwards (Swatch) with their costliest piece priced at Rs 15 lakhs, a unique piece by Century, encrusted with diamonds. Certain privileged, classy sections of society, who wish to make a fashion statement, are the ones who go in for such superb watches. The pride of owning Swiss craftsmanship, brand appeal and exclusivity speaks A Century Watch costing more than Rs. 10 Lacsvolumes for itself and the wearer's lifestyle. Rodeo Drive is also earnest in providing this 'ambience and feel', conducive to its clients needs.

"Celebrity endorsement, timeless appeal, tasteful designs in contemporary sliver, steel, gold combinations, etc., all impact buyer judgement. Growing fashion consciousness and emphasis on dress sense with élan and sophistication all have seen sales steadily improve over the past few years," says store head, Myra Martin.

All prices are authorised by the parent company and there is a 100% assurance of An array of perfumesoriginals only being stocked at their outlet. They advertise mostly through word of mouth and discreet direct mailers, but they do plan on having promotions shortly. Some of their plans include extending their perfume collection;presently they sell a few leather accessories, pens but envision its growth into the ultimate shopping experience for 'one off gifts' too.Here's wishing them all the best of luck for the times ahead!

Address :

Rodeo Drive
#101, Richmond Road
Phone: 2227 1977
E-Mail :