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Nail Care

Nail Care
  How often have you seen it - a lovely face with ill-kept hands. Beautiful hands begin  with beautiful nails. Here are a few tips to have neat looking hands and feet.

  • Don't use your nails to open things! You will damage them.

  • Use gloves when you are doing heavy housework or gardening. Sprinkle Johnson's Baby Powder in the gloves first.

  • When dialing the phone, use the tip of a pencil, not your nails.

  • Don't use a pointed instrument to clean the base of your nails. It can lead to infection and damage the skin tissues underneath them.

  • Don't try to file your nails after taking a bath. It could lead to peeling and tearing.

  • Don't file or shape nails up to the corner.

  • Don't use a nail polish remover to thin your nail care products.

  • Never trim cuticles with scissors! Use sterile cuticle scissors and make sure you rub alcohol to avoid infection.

  • Use a hand cream!

  • Don't scrape things with your nails!

  • Don't use your nails to shampoo your head. Use the finger pads instead.

  • Wait 24 hours before recoating your nails.

  • Do your pedicure before your manicure.