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Lip Work

Lips are one of the four nerve centres of beauty in a woman. They enhance her beauty and add to her sex appeal. Lip Work

But beauty is only one aspect of our lips. The health aspect is equally important and cannot be ignored. So care should be taken when we exploit our lips, overburdening them with lipsticks. And, of course, cigarettes should be avoided if we want our lips to retain their allure even as we age.

With ageing, our mouth seems to disappear if not highlighted. It's not an optical illusion. As we mature, we experience a natural loss of lip pigment due to sun damage and, as a result, the outer layers of the skin slough off. At the same time, we lose lip volume, which accentuates the loss of pigment. Since our lips begin to narrow, their fullness is lost, and hence, the loss of colour is more palpable. A reliable method of preventing the loss of lip pigment is use of a strong sunscreen, with a sun-proof factor of at least 15. The use of a mild-formula Retin A or an exfoliant to reduce sun damage can also help retain lip pigment. Though it won't reverse or completely prevent the problem, it can slow pigment loss.

A little bit of collagen can help restore loss of lip substance, giving them the required shape. Some people may be allergic to collagen, so it's important that your dermatologist checks before injecting it into the lip area.

 Lip sticksQuit smoking because it does long term damage to the lips, staining them forever. Constant puffing also wrinkles the upper lip. Some women have even taken to tattooing their lips to add definition, but this can be harmful in the long run. As one ages, the tattoo on the body wears off and becomes irregular. Though the body tans, the tattoo doesn't. The risks of infection and scarring also are possible.

Because the lip is sensitive, gentle products should be used on this area. Dermatologists recommend applying mild-formula Retin A or Vitamin C with L-ascorbic acid anti-aging cream on the lips every alternate night. Saliva neutralises small amounts of a product that are accidentally ingested. It's basically the same product that we use on the rest of our face.
Lipstick is a pre-requisite for make-up. For added protection, look for lipsticks that contain sunscreen. Avoid using transfer-resistant lipsticks as they might contain silicon, which might stain your lips forever.