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Shoes Need Special Care For a Long Life

Take care of your shoes
Have plenty of shoes for each season, if possible; this will give time to your shoes to get the treatment they deserve.

Rotate shoes at least once every other day. Because footwear materials compress when you walk, they need time to bounce back.
If you use leather shoes, give them time to dry out. Leather shoes allow perspiration to your feet but retain the moisture, which will eventually cause the shoes to dry and crack.

Invest on shoetrees. Shoes should be treed while in the closet, this way your shoes not only will retain their original shape but will also dry out faster. There are two types of shoetrees: the plastic type, less expensive and lightweight (great for travel), and the more expensive, but better choice, wooden ones because wood absorbs moisture and odours (cedar shoetrees are the most effective because their aroma will stay inside the shoes).

Use a shoehorn every time you wear shoes, this will prevent the back from breaking down.

When travelling, use shoe bags; this will prevent the soiling from getting in touch with your clothing. If you turn a shoe bag inside out, you can use it as a shoe mitt.

Replace your soles when they thin out. Heels should be replaced when the corners start to wear down. If you allow heels to get worn out, your posture could be affected.

Suede and Nubuck leather shoes require a special brush to avoid the nap from matting. Suede tends to get shiny with dirt, brushing will break the dirt and restores it. Before going out, you should spray your Suede shoes with a specific product to protect them for water and stains.