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Luxury jewellers -- House of Amrapali come to Bangalore

One of India's most globally renowned luxury jewellers, whose popularity seems to be increasingly sweeping the West as well, has taken the city by storm — The House of Amrapali.

Being a niche boutique brand, Amrapali Jewels entered the Bangalore market 10 years ago, through retailing its unique product out of a cosy boutique store located in the heart of the city.

And today, it has launched a new 2,000sqft flagship store. They found a very enthusiastic response to the design aesthetics, the craftsmanship and finish that the brand has to offer.

Talking about the trends in jewellery, Tarang Arora, CEO of Amrapali Jewels, picks uncut diamonds as the biggest game-changer. "Uncut diamonds are also beginning to become more popular than full cut diamonds, as they lend a sense of creativity, craftsmanship and individuality as opposed to the machine made, clinically full cut diamond," he says. But he goes on to add, "However, handcrafted jewellery with contrasting colours of emeralds and rubies has always stayed a constant."

And the changing preferences are not just confined to the gem of choice. The most obvious canvas for this change has been wedding jewellery, something that has a huge market, all across India, and all across segments. "Trends in wedding jewellery have also moved away from traditional heavy gold sets, to more contemporary styles that are slicker and more elegant," says Tarang.

And there is a palpable shift in the demographics too. Tarang goes on to explain, "There has also been a very visible diffusion of 'age', where one often sees older women in cutting edge designer wear, picking up bold pieces for everyday wear- cocktail rings, large uncut diamonds, bohemian emerald sets etc. There is a general shift toward more youthful, sexy and glamorous jewellery."

Amrapali has taken its jewellery across the world from the fine jewellery room in Harrods to the Hollywood glamour dens and close to home to our Bollywood divas too. For the coming year, they promise the city ravishing new collections. So, what can you expect? "Dangling diamond earrings that are in vogue, as well as necklaces studded with diamonds and rubies that have been reinvented to suite contemporary styles, revived designs that are rare these days and much more," promises Tarang.

Source: DNA, Dec 17, 2011