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Fashion Flaws

How you present yourself is how others see you. For flawless dressing and make-up sense one has to learn the art of presentation. To look killing, you not only require good looks and clothes but attitude to carry yourself. We often make certain mistakes that immensely affect your sense of fashion and style.

Wearing the Wrong Colours

Beware! One of the common fashion blunders often committed. Remember, all colours don't suit your skin tone. The colour that looks great on your colleague or the actress you saw on the TV might not be the right choice for you too. Therefore, you have to learn to know the colour which best suits you. The profession you are into should also be considered. Experiment with different colours and stick with the palettes that look best on you, regardless of what's hot and happening. Don't waste your money on clothes that make you look pale and ugly.

Inapt Makeup

Skin is beautiful, clothes are perfect but no proper makeup is a horror. Never over do make-up. The lesser it is the better it is. Subtle looks are in. Depending on the occasion you require just right amount of makeup i.e., light for day, heavier for evening, sheer for sports etc. As one has different clothes for different occasion likewise make-up has to match with it as well.

Rundown Shoes

Shoes add grace to your ensemble. Shoes make you complete. They shoes should be very comfortable and durable. If not chosen carefully or a misfit, shoes can cause blisters and can also cause difficulty in walking, dancing, running and other activities. Don't wear shabby, unpolished and rundown shoes. Polish them regularly. It reflects ones character. Use a felt tip marker on scuffs, and put a piece of soft carpet under your feet when you drive. And most importantly, invest in a good pair if you're going to wear them every day.

Wearing A Size Too Small

If it doesn't fit, don't wear it. Squeezing into a size that is too tight will make you look plump and amount to tremendous uneasiness. If the dress you are wearing is not comfortable then you cannot sit, walk or move around freely. It will certainly not make you feel beautiful or look your best at all. So, no need to undergo such a tormenting drill. Find clothes that fit you well or else get them altered to size.

Visible bra lines

Wear a proper one that fits you well. It is embarrassing if your bra's show or it rides up in the back. So wear a proper cup size. If your breasts sag then it's very clear that you are not using proper bra and it's time to seek professionals help.

Slips That Show

The next fashion mistake will be letting your slip show from under your skirt. Don't use the same slip for all dresses coz it might not be proper for all. Buy slips in several lengths and replace them once the elastic wears. For the most discreet linings, buy slips in the colours you wear most often, like black, navy, beige, and white.

Smelling Awful

It is a big turn off. You drive people away from you and end up earning funny names for yourself. Never let that happen to yourself and always carry a deodorant and use whenever you are too sweaty. Drink plenty of water and eat lots of fresh fruits and green salads. You may have to try a few to find the best one for you, and you may need to change every now and again if your chemistry changes, like after having a baby, starting new medication, going through menopause, or the like. Keep some kind of mouth freshener handy. Especially after meals, rinse your mouth and pop in some mint to keep bas breath at bay.

Broken Nails, Chipped Polish

Manicure is a must. Keep your nails clean and evenly trimmed. Always have clippers and a nail file in your purse and desk at work for emergencies. If you're in a business environment, stick with conservative nail polish colours at work and save the sparkly/neon/funky looks for weekends and vacations. Don't grow your nails too long if you are working.