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Clothes to suit your body shape

As Shanaz Hussain rightly said, there are no ugly women, only lazy ones. Dress well and you are sure to look good. Here are some tips on how to dress up depending on your body shape…

If you are a classic pear shape take these tips
  • Emphasise your top half with strappy or short crop tops.
  • Wear long tops with narrow pants for a slim profile.
  • Choose dresses that fill out until the waist and slightly flare out at the hips and thighs.
  • Wear hipsters or tight fitting pants with short tops, short jackets, mini skirts, light coloured trousers   with elasticated bands.
Are you the buxom sort?
Here are some points to remember when you dress up
  • Wear V-necks to reveal your neck and accentuate your throat.
  • Wear fabrics with lycra under jackets; go for one button jackets.
  • Think about proportions. Wide-leg trousers and long skirts will even out your shape.
  • Avoid wearing a too-small stretchy shirt that will gape open and reveal.
  • Over-baggy tops will also make you look fat.
  • Smock tops will tone down the buxom look.
If you are bulky, here are some tips to look smaller
  • High heels will make you look taller and slimmer.
  • Wear tailored dresses to give you a slimmer outline.
  • Choose colours like black, grey and aubergine.
  • Don't wear layers as it will add to the bulk of your frame.
  • Don't wear short A-line shirts.
  • Don't pick clothes with loud patterns or checks.

If you are petite like Laila Rouass
  • Wear belted jacket and tops you can clinch in.
  • Highlight your curves with stretch fabrics.
  • Don't wear skirts that are knee length, they will make your legs look short.
  • Flat /wedge heels are best for you.
  • Full length skirts will compliment your petite frame.
Tall women can go in for some of these
  • Wear V-neck tops which will make your neck look long and slim.
  • Avoid short skirts as they will make your legs go on forever.
  • If you are wearing a long skirt, make sure it is ankle slimming, or else you may look too tall.
  • Take emphasis away from your height with fake-fur collars.
  • Don't wear very high heels.
So all it takes is a little planning to look just the way you want to.