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Antique Jewellery 

A gold bracelet in antique designThe history of Indian art unravels a variety of breathtaking jewellery that reflect the varied and intense moods of Indian heritage. Timeless pieces of art and jewellery have held the eye captive with its fascinating designs and colours. These artistic pieces of jewellery are a culmination of exquisite workmanship and artistic perception. Flawlessly crafted, using different raw materials and designs, with great attention invested on intricacy and detail, they are matchless in beauty and range.
Many jewellers manufacture this kind of antique designs only on special orders, but these are ethnic jewellery pieces in antique designs. Such pieces are auctioned very soon and jewellers get a very good price for them. It is generally those from the upper crust of society who buy them and they can cost anywhere between Rs 80,000 to lakhs of rupees depending on the intricacy of the work, its antiquity and authenticity!

Determining the authenticity of a piece of jewellery is not an easy job. Almost always, the piece is sent to experts or archaeologists for certification of its authenticity. Jewellers source such items through advertisements.

Here are some tips for identifying an antique piece and determining its verificaAn exclusive stone studded antique gold 'Kada'tion of antiquity and price:

  • Get it verified and checked by experts and never trust the jeweller's word for its pricing.

  • Always check the colour of the jewellery. A 'bronze' tinge determines the value of the piece.

  • Look for 'Nakkash design' which is the dye work on the jewellery.

    A piece of jewellery can be called an antique piece only if it is more than 70 years old. Stone studded temple jewellery is also considered as antique jewellery. "TAn antique gold hair-ornament piecehis kind of exclusive jewellery is made only in India. Because of its exclusiveness and unavailability abroad, it is often smuggled out of the country. The price abroad doubles or triples the Indian price," says Mr Ram, Proprietor of Neelkanth Jewellers, Bangalore.

    Neelkanth Jewellers have been in the antique jewellery business from more than 10 years and the most expensive antique piece sold by them was a lamp, which was 70 years old.

    Antique jewellery define the wearer and will never go out of fashion. Though each piece is very highly priced, people who can afford to buy, still buy. If your purse can stand the squeeze, go ahead and get yourself that exclusive piece which is sure to leave people gasping with envy.
  • Here is a place that sells antique jewellery:

    Ratnakala Jewellers
    Address: 114 Commercial Street,
    Dispensary Road, Bangalore 560001
    Phone: 2558 1097.

    -Aditi Kumar
    Pictures by Somashekar DP