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Shopping on D.P. Road
Newport & Excalibur
Planet E
Shoe Kings Classique
More Mischief
Hems & Strings

Shopping on M.G. Road
Laju Gee
Manshow Tailors
Louis Philippe
Poona Saree Centre
Bombay Store

Health & Safety

Pune has a pleasant climate most of the year. But during summer, especially the month of April can be very hot and humid. In order to avoid dehydration due to excessive sweating, one needs to drink lots of fluids, especially water. So if you are making a trip to Sinhagad or Parvati make sure you carry water with you. Mineral water from a reputed outlet is recommended.

While one can walk the streets without fear of being mugged out of the blue, one cannot ignore the occasional incidents of chain and purse snatching, especially in crowded areas.
Keeping in touch

Cybercafes have mushroomed in every nook and corner of the city. Sending email and keeping in touch was never so easy.

No hard and fast rules here. Most branded items have fixed rates. However, no harm in trying oneís luck, you may politely ask for a discount and may just as politely be refused. If you are shopping on the streets, well, one can only say that the street smart guy wins.
Eating Out

Every conceivable variety of food is available here. Last orders are taken by 10:45 p.m. and the restaurants close by 11.30 p.m. Ditto pubs. If you get hungry after 11 p.m., itís the 24 hour coffee shops in star hotels that will come to your rescue.

If you are happy with the service in a restaurant, a 10-15% tip would ideally fit the bill.

You encounter beggars especially in crowded shopping areas and at traffic lights. Give in kind rather than in cash if possible. Beware of urchins who are potential pickpockets.
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