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Peths of Pune

Every city or town has its own flavour, charm and peculiarity. Pune is no exception. Pune is known for its Peths, which is a name for an area or locality.

Entrance of an Old Wada in Kasba PethThe first Peth, Kasba Peth, was founded sometime in 1300 A.D. The method of setting up a Peth in the earlier times was very simple – an area was allotted, and permission granted to an individual to set up a Peth. The entire work of development of the Peth was his responsibility – establishing shops, bazaars, temples, providing water, dharmashalas, etc. He also collected taxes, kept a certain percentage for himself, and paid an advance each year to the government. This person was known as ‘Shete’ or ‘Mahajan’.

The Peths are normally named after its founder, or by its peculiarity. However, Nana Phadnis, a powerful and intelligent minister in the court of Peshwa Sawai Madhavrao, renamed some of the Peths after the days of the week. Shahu Maharaj of Satara earlier adopted this idea.

Here is a little information of some of the Peths of Pune {arranged alphabetically } :

Bhamburda Peth : now better known as Shivajinagar Gaothan, was set up in early 1600.
Today : The Pune Municipal Corporation building is in this area, besides this area has a large number of garages and spare part shops.

Bhavani Peth : aptly named after the Goddess Bhavani whose temple is in this area was set up in 1763.
Today : Has a large timber, hardware and steel market.

Budhwar Peth : founded by Aurangzeb in 1660. Was known as Mohyabad. Primarily a business area, housed the Peshwa's cavalry
( Huzur Paga).
Today : Is known for the electrical goods market.

Ganesh Peth : named after Lord Ganesh. Was set up by Peshwa Sawai Madhav Rao in 1755.
Today : Has a big milk market and tamasha theatre.

Ghorpadi Peth : set up by Raje Bhosle Ghorpade as a cavalry unit during the times of Peshwa Sawai Madhav Rao.
Today: a residential area.

Gunj Peth : set up during the reign of Sawai Madhavrao Peshwa. Got its name because of the large salt mounds. Was a commercial center predominated by traders, weavers, etc. It was originally known as Muzaffarjang.
Today : a residential area.

Guruwar Peth : was earlier known as Vital Peth, because of the Vital temple in this area. Jivajipant Khasgiwale set up this Peth in the 1730's.
Today : a residential area and the Gurudwara.

The Copper Utensil Manufacturers Kasba Peth : the oldest Peth in Pune. Was founded sometime in 1300 as a residential set up with little commercial activity.
Today : Presently a residential area, and also has the kumbhar wada ( earthen pot  makers) and brass and copper utensils manufacturers .

Mangalwar Peth : established by Shaista Khan, hence was earlier known as Shaistapuri.
Today : Transport is the main business here today.

A busy Spare Part Shop in Nana PethNana Peth : was earlier known as Nihal Peth. Set up in 1761 by Nana Phadnavis. Largely a wholesale grain market mostly controlled by Marwaris and Gujrathi Vanis.
Today :  a large automotive spare part market.

Narayan Peth : was established in 1773 by Narayan Rao Peshwa.
Today :  a big stationery, printing and paper market.

Navi Peth : the latest of the Peth was set up the Panshet floods in 1961.

Sadashiv Peth : set up in 1760 by Sadashiv Rao Bhau, an uncle of Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao. It was largely a military set up, but by the 19th century developed as a residential center of orthodox Brahmins.
Today : Largely a residential area.

Shaniwar Peth: established in the late 17th century.
Today : Largely a residential area.

Shukurwar Peth : built during the period of Peshwa Balaji Baji Rao by Jivajipant Khasgiwale. It was earlier known as Visapur. Probably the largest Peth in the city.
Today : houses the mandai or vegetable market.

Somwar Peth : Earlier known as Shahapura, was established in about 1600. It was and even today is largely a residential area.

A View of Rasta Wada in Rasta peth Rasta Peth : was established in 1776 and was known as Shivpuri. Later named after its founder Shrimant Anandrao Laxman Raste, whose main business was finance. Today : families from South India dominate the  residential area.

Raviwar Path : Malkampura was its original name.
Today : a large gold and jewellery, cloth and plastic product market.

- Sudheer Waje
- Pics : Prasad Hiranwar

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