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Magno's Discovery

Shivalingam You walk into Studio S and you are hit by a heady sensation. The walls of Studio S are lined with bright fluorescent paintings. Stop in front of a painting, reflect for a moment. Clarifies the artist, Magno, with a slight Georgian accent "my work comes from deep within. All my work is a product of deep contemplation and meditation."

This is the first time Magno is exhibiting his art in India outside the Osho Ashram. Magno had been visiting India for many years now, spending at least six months every year. "My art has been a journey, a discovery," says Magno, groping for just the right words to explain his art, which comes most naturally to him. "I grasped the technique and craft of painting while studying Mathematics and Art at the University of Tbilisi. But there was something missing in my work at that time. May be there was no feeling, no heart," Magno reflects.

EnlightenmentIn 1978, Soviet Union was a closed country, but Magno managed to get hold of a hand written version of The Book of Secrets by Osho. "I discovered my spiritual master in Osho, and the course of my life underwent a change," he states philosophically. He veered, he says, towards the wisdom of the east and his lasting love - Indian philosophy and Yoga.

The paintings have a deeply soothing effect on the mind. "You must see my paintings with a relaxed state of mind, may be we can put some chairs for the viewers to sit down and contemplate on the paintings," says Magno, while wondering about the arrangements inside the studio.

"Every picture is a metaphor, a symbol. It can lead you to your inner feelings" explains Madita Dickhut who takes the viewers through guided meditation. "This is a new way of seeing, seeing from Magno with Maditayour heart." Madita, who has been leading Hypnosis groups and trainings all over the world, uses voice and music as a background to help people relax. "Relax your body and mind, defocus, and let the painting enter your inner self, just like meditation," is Madita's advise "you have to let go, a leaf doesn't hold onto any one, as Lao-tsu said" explains Madita pointing towards the painting Enlightenment. "You have to feel your inner silence and emptiness."

"Come and see the paintings again in the moonlight, you will see the difference" says Magno to the day audience at the Studio. Sanjeev Singhal, the owner of Studio S is clearly very involved with the whole exhibition, "I have specially arranged for special UV lights in the other room just to capture the subtle glow in Magno's paintings and make them come alive."

Heart of Nature"When I meditate," explains Magno patiently, "images appear to my mind's eye and gently disappear. I try to capture an image and recreate it on paper. Many times it doesn't work, so I reject a lot of my work, which doesn't satisfy me. I have tried working with different mediums like acrylic and oils, but this method of using watercolours on velvet paper gives the most subtle effects. Also a velvet paper can hold water for longer time which gives me the desired control on the colour spread." To Magno, his art is a mystical experience. "The feeling of divine can be expressed in many ways and one way is through the expression of our feelings; to let the divine live through us. To me that is the process of art. The inner self is so subtle, and when the inner and outer self resonate inner fulfillment happens" he says with a glint in his eye.

Cosmic NirvanaMagno has an interesting observation on the response of viewers to his art "I am intrigued by the various ways in which my art appeals to people. Everybody connects with it in his / her own unique manner. Somebody even saw my face in one of my painting. Now that's something I never did consciously" he chuckles.

As a parting note, Magno muses, "My art itself is not important, it's the feeling of inner connection that I am looking for."

If you're looking for that deeper feeling, a path to your inner self, you might connect to Magno's art in
Studio S.

Text & Photographs: Harikrishna



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