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Prabha Chitinis

Prabha Chitnis - Education knows no age barriers

Mrs Prabha Chitnis, a lady who does not believe that age is a barrier for educationWho says getting education is only a young person's dream? 72 year old Mrs Prabha Chitnis has successfully completed the Medical Transcription Course from Pune's Voice Soft School of Medical Transcription.

Mrs Chitnis who has done her B.Sc from  Mumbai University wanted to be a doctor but luck prevented her and she ended up marrying a Doctor. When her husband passed away in 1990, she decided to continue her education as she was getting bored sitting at home. She decided to do LLB then which she subsequently passed.

Earlier this year having heard so much about Medical Transcription, it rekindled her old ambition to do something in Medicine and she approached Voice Soft School for admission. Admits Indrajit Rane, the Director, "We were surprised that a person of her age was wanting to do a course in IT enabled services."

The lady was not deterred, also she had her family behind her. She says, "They asked me to go ahead with my plans but only asked me to not to overstress myself."

A lady who believes in doing things well or not doing them at all, has never missed a class or  been late to one, even though she had the early morning class at 6 am. Mr. Rane concurs, "She would never bunk or be late. She followed all the instructions given to her very faithfully, she would approach the staff members if she had any doubts."

Mr. Inderjit Rane, the Director of Pune's Voice Soft School of Medical Transcription. Talking about her experiences, she says, "For elderly persons like me, the course is diffucult. The course must be done by youngsters and most of the students who were attending the course are youngsters."

Though she is critical of the new generation, she says, "They would hardly attend class. They took the studies lightly and were more busy in other things then studies."

Talking about the school itself, she says, "Voice Soft is giving good facilities and they attend to the students. They give us training in accents and also relaxation exercises."

Having completed her course successfully, not only theory but also the practicals, Mr. Rane says, "MT is not that easy to pass, people pass the theory exam but have trouble in the practical side. She has proved to be a capable student by scoring over 99% in both Theory and Practicals."

Though the academy has a production unit and has offered her a job, the lady is not very keen to take up a full time job.
Mr. Rane  says, "She is a retired person, she has social obligations, we will have to place her on a part time job as she wants  to continue with her social life."

By Rahul Surkund
Photos-Courtesy- Stellar Public Relations

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