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Kee Pharma


Kee Biogenetics, the biotech arm of Kee Pharma, set up last year as a result of a strategic tie-up with the Cuba based Heber Biotec, S.A., has made its first introduction in the Indian Market. The company today launched India's first Recombinant DNA Streptokinase under the brand name 'Cardiostrep', announcing its entry into the exciting Biotechnology segment. The drug will be made available in two strengths of 0.75 MIU & 1.5 MIU and is expected to make a huge impact in the Cardiology segment in the treatment of a number of Cardio-vascular diseases like Myocardial Infarction and Thrombosis.

In addition to the natural advantages of higher purity (more than 99% pure), higher efficacy (therefore lower dosage requirement) and lower side effects that accrue to this new drug, thanks to the recombinant DNA technology, the greatest impact will probably be made as a result of the pricing. While the existing brands of natural Streptokinase are priced anywhere from Rs. 1395 to Rs. 1900 for 0.75 MIU strength and from Rs. 2497 to Rs. 3400 for 1.5 MIU, Kee Biogenetics' superior recombinant version will be priced much cheaper at Rs. 1250 for 0.75 MIU and Rs. 2250 for 1.5 MIU. This is bound to make this lifesaving drug more accessible to the average consumer.

Commenting on the launch, Mr Anil Motihar, Managing Director, Kee Pharma said, "The current Streptokinase market in India is estimated at Rs. 50 crores and growing at approximately 30% per annum. With its distinct superiority over natural Streptokinase, our product is expected to acquire a major share of this market."
Mr Motihar further added, "Kee Biogenetics plans to be a dominant force in the exciting Biotechnology Segment. While 'Cardiostrep' announces our entry into this field, we have lined up a number of revolutionary biotech drugs to be introduced in India to consolidate our stand."

In addition to myocardial infarction, the drug will also find useful application in diseases like deep vein thrombosis, lung artery emboly, occlusions of extreme arteries, retinal blood-vessel thrombosis, etc.

Kee Biogenetics is also planning to introduce a number of other biotechnology-based drugs in various therapeutic segments like Oncology, Immunology and Gastro-enterology (Hepatitis). While many of the introductions will come from the strategic tie-up with Heber, the company has also formalised tie-ups with a number of leading Russian biotech companies like The State Scientific Centre Research Institute of Highly Pure Bio-preparations, Institute of Polio Myelitis and The Centre of Modern Medicine - 'Medicor'. These institutes are highly acclaimed in the field of Biotechnology products and vaccines.

Text: Prasad Hiranwar
Courtesy: Perfect Relations

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