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Hope Academy

Dr Sudhir Arora, the founder of Hope Academy, did his MBBS from Maulana Azad Medical College, New Delhi. He had a Dr Sudhir Arora at his residencesuccessful Allopathic medical practice for 13 years that he gave up and moved to Pune. In 1994 he started the Hope Academy in the city and that is flourishing today.

Dr Arora, when asked why he gave up medicine and set up this project, said, "In Allopathy, I used to cure problems, here I help prevent problems. I realized this when I personally faced problems and sensed the limits of Allopathic medicine."

The Hope Academy conducts Mind Control Programs. In the initial few years Dr Arora ran three programs a year but now he does five a year. According to him, "Dis-ease of the mind becomes disease of the body. 90% of the diseases can be cured by control of the mind, 5% of the diseases cannot be cured, while 5% of the diseases remain un-diagnosed. So all one can do for the sufferer of the disease is to make life comfortable as long as he lives."

Dr Arora with family, also seen in the background are the participants at the seminar.The mind control programs deliver highly common sensical, practice-oriented stuff without any objectionable mumbo jumbo. The programs have no unproven techniques, even yoga or Reiki is not included, and despite the doctor's medical background no medicines are used.


A record of more than 3500 people from diverse backgrounds have attended these programs. Students, housewives, doctors, bureaucrats, businesspersons are some of the participants who come to gain self-confidence and pick up public speaking skills.

In fact, public speaking is one of the programs and their key areas of focus. The doctor insists that each of the participants come onto the stage and speak before the audience. The performance is shot on video and the participants are made aware of the mistDr Arora Speaking at the seminar.akes they have made.

Another important area that the Academy touches on is 'Time Management'.
Dr Arora himself is a stickler for doing things on time, one thing at a time. By the end of each course, participants are put onto the drill of checking out, not only what they will do the next day or week, but over the next few years.

The course costs Rs 6500/-, but unsatisfied participants can collect a full refund. The success of the program can be judged by the fact that only 40 people till date have asked for the refund. His offer to the participants of his program is unbeatable. A view of the hope academy seminar.The doctor is available for them in Pune itself throughout the year for free counseling and former participants can also repeat subsequent programs absolutely free of cost.


Address: Hope Academy, # A 42 Chandar Nagri, Salisbury Park, Pune Phone: 426 2303

Text: Rahul Surkund

Photo Courtesy: Hope Academy

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