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Shivaji Patil is pucca his ailing wife will not get the specialised medical attention she is in dire need of in his
hometown. Hope says the local practitioner, lies a few miles awayChetan with some members of his team in the city. Reassuring words indeed, but a million thoughts cross Patil's mind. Travel? Accommodation? Expenditure? Food? Reluctant wife? "If only there was the Bada Doctor Sahib closer to home," he sighs. Wishful thinking perhaps, but if Chetan Shetty and his team at have their way, Bada Doctor Sahibs may be far yet so near for Shivaji Patil and millions like him concentrated in the smaller towns across the country.

For a country with a population of more than one billion, the number of Doctors is a mere one million. Roughly 50 % of them are in the main Allopathic stream while practitioners of alternative Medicine account for the rest. Of the half a million doctors in the allopathic stream, there are approximately 40,000 specialists, almost all of them located in the top 25 cities in the country. The abysmally low statistic of one Doctor per thousand persons of the country's population does not present a pretty picture. And it this bleak scenario that Chetan is determined to alter with his latest venture, doctoranywhere.comMr Chetan Shetty, CEO

Chetan, a BE from Pune's College of Engineering, began his career with Thermax and after an invigorating stint, quit to join his father Mr Goverdhan Shetty, who set up business to manufacture 'Tantalum Capacitors'. Mr Shetty, essentially a Chartered Account with an entrepreneurial streak moved from ' Capacitors' an import substitute, to exports in the field of software. Ruksun Technology was set up in January 1993, with offices in Seattle and Pune. Chetan officiated as President until beckoned.

"I was completely bowled over by the idea when it was first put across to me" he says. "We claim to be an IT Super power, but where does it touch the common man?" he queries. "Look at Japan," he elucidates, "they have been able to change mindsets completely. Today there is no stigma, only pride attached to the 'Made in Japan ' label. Besides, the Japanese products have a huge market at home. Their products have the advantage of being tried and tested on home ground; it is only later that the overseas market is tapped." he concludes with fervour.

An admirer of Akio Morita, Co-founder of the Sony Empire, reputed for his creativity and enterprise, it is hardly surprising that Chetan felt instantly drawn to the idea behind After all, here was a unique opportunity to test a highly creative and useful product within the country, where the user is located at home and not 10,000 miles away and what's more, a product that touches the common man and benefits him.
Milind Purandare, innovator par excellence was launched in September 1999 as India's first Internet based doctor to specialist consultation service. This revolutionary telemedicine company is backed by a highly skilled team of professionals. Milind Purandare is one of them. A B.Tech from IIT Kanpur and an M.Tech from IIT, Madras, Milind had a major role in the development of this service. He has done some highly innovative work in designing and developing computer based medical equipment for Cardiologists and Neurologists. Pradeep Kumar, friend and teammate at doctoranywhere, helped Milind market these indigenously manufactured machines.

Together, they approached Dr Aniruddha Chandorkar; eminent Pune based Cardiologist with the idea of an online consulting service that enables consultation, referral and interaction of doctors with specialists. Enthused by Dr.Chandorkar'spositive feedback, they sought out Ruksun Technology, confident that the response would be encouraging. Their belief in Ruksun was not unfounded. Ruksun, with its background in Internet Technology and the innate desire that it's products touch the common man, ventured out to launch Ruksun

It's been an eventful 18 months, and the response encouraging. 1,000 Doctors have already signed up to avail of this revolutionary facility, considered to be the first Internet based Tele Medicine Service in the Country.

The idea behind is to empower both the family doctor and the patient to help make access to medical treatment easier for both. The family doctor is, well, almost family. His approach to treatment is often holistic and rarely clinical. However, he has his limitations and may need to consult a specialist for expert advice or simply a second opinion."Subscribe, is just what we wish to prescribe."This is where steps in. For an initial enrollment fee of Rs 5000/- followed by an annual subscription fee of Rs 2500/- General Practitioners can now consult over the Internet with a panel of specialists based across the country from the convenience of their clinics or home. The service enables the Doctor to upload relevant medical reports in a structured format for the Specialist's opinion. The company will render all possible help to subscribers and assist them in setting up the required infrastructure. A call centre that operates round-the-clock also backs their service.

The current software covers areas such as Cardiology, Neurology, Nephrology and Gastroenterology and the endeavour to add on new specialties continues.

So, Dear doctors, wouldn't it be nice to know that Shivaji Patil is not just pucca but confident too. All you'll need to do is subscribe to, log on to their server, feed the required information and yes, lock your computer for the desired results.

Text: Shabari Shetty
Photographs: Harikrishna

Address: Ruksun Doctor Pvt. Ltd., # A1, Hermes Vishal, Meera Nagar, Koregaon Park, Pune - 411 001
Phone: 605 5393 / 605 5398, Fax: 605 5394

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