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Dr Thukral Dental Clinic

The Thukrals with the Laser MachineImagine a visit to a dentist with no dread of impending pain. A visit to the Thukral Dental Clinic run by the husband & wife team of Dr Naresh and Dr Gulshan Thukral will assure you of just that. The Thukrals have a laser that drives away pain for the patient.

The laser technology is in itself not new for medical purposes. What is new is the unique combination of the Erbium YAG with the CO2 in one device. Explains Dr Thukral, "The earlier CO2 laser was effective for soft tissue applications only, but not for hard tissues as bone and teeth. After many trials the company Sharplan combined the two lasers into one and we have a new tool."

The combination laser is useful in hard tissue procedures like cavity and crown preparation, caries removal, enamel etching, and curettage, besides soft tissue procedures like gingevectomy, implants, guided tissue regeneration, and periodontal procedures to name a few. The laser machine, according to Dr Thukral, is the first of its kind in India. In fact the technology is only two years old and is presently being used in a few countries like Germany, Australia, and for the last six months in the UK.

Dr Thukral was first exposed to the research on laser work while attending a dental conference in England two years ago. At the conference one of the speakers presented a paper on the use of lasers for periodontal work. Says Thukral, "IDr Naresh treating a patient was very attracted to this new technology and surfed the net for more information. Last year Sharplan invited me for a seminar on ' The use of lasers for dental surgery' and after the seminar I made up my mind to get one machine for my clinic. Subsequently I went to Germany and Toronto for advanced training," he adds.

For patients this new technique is a great boon. The Thukrals have succeeded in providing a total dental treatment with no pain, no drill, and no blood. Infact so unbelievably comfortable is the process that a patient once hesitatingly asked Dr Thukral if, he had, indeed completed the entire job.

The benefits of Laser Technology in Dentistry are profound says Thukral. A laser is a concentrated beam of light of a single wavelength, which can penetrate hard tissue without drilling or incision. Hence the entire process is painless, short and hygienic, and above all comfortable for both doctor and patient. More importantly, Laser eliminates the fear of contracting AIDS.

The fear of the drill and administration of anesthesia can now be allayed which, in Dr.Thukral's opinion, is a great relief, especially when treating young patients. "When I would do a full mouth gum surgery it would require a number of sittings, and at each time there would have to be the anesthesia shots. Followed by the painkillers, till the mouth is healed. With the laser the healing period is painless and no medication required. When I tell a patient he can have a root canalling done in one sitting there is total disbelief. Straight away the number of visits are reduced," points out Dr Thukral.

Dr Gulshan Treating a patientDr Thukral finds laser technology even more useful for cosmetic dentistry, in which he specialises. Here too, the innumerable visits are considerably reduced. Not surprisingly, the response has been excellent.

So does this new technology burn a hole in the patient's pocket? "There is no denying that this treatment is very expensive, and may not suit all people. But the comfort rendered by the pain free procedure plus the time saved make a lot of people willing to pay a little extra" asserts Dr.Thukral and goes on to add that the initial fear of the unknown and untried has been set aside as the laser machine is fully computerised and is completely safe.

In a nutshell, Laser technology will radically alter patient's perception and views and is, undoubtedly, here to stay.

Address: Dr Thukrals Dental Clinic, # 2 San Mahu Complex,
Pune - 411 001
Phone: 612 2789

By Rahul Surkund
Photos-By HariKrishna



Dr Thukral Dental Clinic

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