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You maybe surprised to find a doctor in a drugstore! Dr Gore has done his bachelor's in Ayurvedic medicine and practices medicine at Kalidas Gandhi's Drugstore. The medicines prescribed by him are available in the store, which saves a lot of trouble hunting for them. All Ayurvedic medicines are also available in the store. The spotless place is appealing to the eyes.

Address: Centre Street, Parallel to MG Road, Pune 411 001.
Phone: 604172.

Hakim Dwarakadas's Drugstore

If you are interested in trying out the herbal way to good health, then you must make a trip to the crowded and noisy Centre Street, in the heart of the Pune Cantonment. Vaidya Ghanshyam Balghat, is the person to meet at the Hakim Dwarkadas drugstore which deals in all kinds of herbal medicines. Now this can be done only by prior appointment. Here all herbal-based medicines are available for health as well as cosmetic purposes. These days people go in for surgery for removal of scars, etc. But with the medicines at this store one can easily be free of all diseases pertaining to skin and other ailments without having to undergo any painful operations. There are medicines available for other ailments like diabetes, hypertension, acidity, obesity, asthma and other chronic diseases.

Address: Hakim Dwarkadas, 534 Centre Street, Camp 411 001. Phone: 659952.


The Iyengar Institute of Yoga, established in the year 1975 was built for physical, mental and spiritual uplifting by one of the pioneers of Yoga, BK Iyengar popularly known as 'Guruji'. The moment you step into the institute, you feel relaxed by the tranquil surroundings The beautiful lush garden imparts freshness and serenity. The idol of Patanjali dominates the entrance of the main hall as also the statue of Guruji in the pose of Nataraja. An idol of Lord Hanuman can be seen at the apex of the building portraying wisdom, strength, vital energy, devotion and humility. Suffused with symbolism, the height of the structure is 71(7+1=8) feet representing the vertical growth of the eight limbs of Yoga. It also represents the eight letter (ashtakshari). The institute has eight steps leading up to its main entrance symbolising Ashtanga Yoga of Patanjali. Eight beams radiate from the main column representing the sun and the planets of the zodiac. The eight columns represent the eight-fold path of Yoga as enunciated by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali. The main column represents the spinal cord.

More like a medical school than an institute, the classes here are grouped into various categories where students can enrol themselves. The various categories can be listed as the beginners', the general category, the advanced learners', the women's category and the children's. The institute conducts intensive training programmes in Yoga-vidya for teachers as well as for students. Its library has one of the best collection of books on Yoga, along with numerous books on a variety of topics like philosophy, medicine and arts. Books and newsletters are published regularly. A very innovative aspect of Iyengar Yoga is its use of props for beginners and patients who cannot perform the poses independently. With over 180 branches all over the country, the institute continues relentlessly in its quest serving as a Temple of Yoga and a pilgrimage centre for seekers of Yoga.

Address: 1107, HKM Road, Pune.
Phone: 5656134/7729.



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