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Rediscovering the power of Ayurveda

Ayurveda, the ancient way of healing, has made a comeback with the Western world discovering its miraculous powers of healing. So far, people have been unaware of its potential and its ability to put a check on various diseases. Some of the herbs used for healing are easily available around us.


It is good for the eyes and intestinal burns.

It is useful in curing cold and cough, vomiting, throat problems and improves eyesight.

It kills germs in the stomach and so is given to young children.

It cures jaundice. Surprisingly, it is also used as an appetiser. It is a safe bet for reducing swelling and burning sensation.


It is good for curing fever, jaundice, eyesight problems, burning sensation and even weakness of the body. It is the main ingredient in the making of Rasayan Churna.

Harde is an effective remedy for children as well as adults suffering from acidity and digestive problems. It cures cough, acidity, gas trouble and even major illnesses like heart diseases and jaundice. It is highly recommended for those suffering from weakness of the body and throat problems. It is good for memory and sharpness of the mind.

It is recommended for those suffering form weakness.

Diabetic patients and those suffering from hair loss and greying hair use it.

Amla is the best remedy to maintain good health. It is full of vitamin 'C' and helps in digestion. It is good for the skin and is abundant in nutrients. It is one of the main ingredients in Trifala Churna, Chyavanprash and Rasayan Churna.

It is one of the herbs under the Trifala medications. It is good for the throat, eyes, hair, and heart diseases and even for blood deficiency. It has also shown great results in curing problems related to indigestion.

It is very useful for curing diabetes, throat problems and diarrhea.

Oil prepared with bramhi can keep a check on high B.P., acidity, stammering and hairloss.

It is a very useful remedy for heart disease and low blood pressure.

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