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Prakruti Clinic

For positive Health

Kati Basti, retention of oil in the lower back regionPuneites have yet another Ayurvedic Clinic that will help soothe their nerves and solve their health related problems. Vd. Neelima Desai, who has a BAMS degree from the Tarachand Hospital, has recently set up the Prakruti Clinic.

According to Neelima, the rise in the number of people seeking medical help is largely on account of wrong diet, irregular food habits, lack of exercise and increase in stress. Ayurveda, she enlightens, is a very ancient science and has proven time and again that it can alleviate most of the problems of the patients. Due to the side effects of allopathic medicine, many people are, in her opinion, opting for alternative medicine.

As far as alternative medicine goes, Neelima has an advantage as her husband is an Acupuncturist .The two fields, she says, go hand in hand, and the couple often recommend both cures if they are convinced it will benefit the patient.

The treatment offered at the clinic has the ability to treat mind, body and soul simultaneously. According to Ayurveda, the body constitution is divided into three doshas, Vata, Pitta and Kaphi which conduct the bodily functions.

The clinic provides the following Panchkarma treatments:

Nasya: Medicines administered through the noseVaman - The procedure of eliminating doshas from the mouth. It is useful in treating chronic cough and cold, asthma, skin diseases, epilepsy, obesity, etc.

Virechan - In this process the vitiated doshas are eliminated through the bowels. It is effective in treating fever, headache, oedema and heart diseases.

Nasya - Here the medicines are administered through the nose. It is particularly effective in treating diseases related to the head and regions above the head and neck like headache, sinus, insomnia and stammering.

Raktamoshan - This procedure involves bloodletting and it has been found extremely effective in the treatment of skin diseases, spleen disorders, etc.

Basti - Medicated enemas are given in this procedure, which has been found effective in treating constipation, joint pains and backache.

Apart from the Panchkarma, the clinic offers the following allied therapies:

Netra Basti - is a local treatment for the eye, which involves retention of medicated oil in the eye region. The treatment can help correct refractive errors in one's eyes.

Hrid Basti - is the retaining of medicated oil in the heart region and it helps in treatment of all heart diseases and it also strengthens the cardiac muscle and improves blood circulation.

Shirodhara: Warm oil, poured in a continuous drip.Shirodhara - here lukewarm oil is poured in a continuous drip for a specified period on the forehead.

Snehan and Swedhan - Snehan is effective in treatment of vata related diseases, Swedhan alleviates stiffness in any part of the body.

Vd. Neelima Desai, C/o Dr Desai ENT Hospital, Neeta Park Society, Airport Road,
Pune 411 006; Phone: 6683730

By Rahul Surkund



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