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Kerala Ayurvedic Rejuvenation & Research Establishment

Dr. Prakash Kalmadi, Sadhana treatment

Dr. Prakash Kalmadi set up Kerala Ayurvedic Rejuvenation & Research Establishment in January 1999.

Kare: Nestled in greenery Dr Prakash Kalmadi set up Kerala Ayurvedic Rejuvenation & Research Establishment in January 1999. Dr Kalmadi who is an established allopathic doctor, when asked why he set up this institute said, "I watched people live a bad life style, I wanted to make them aware of it and change the way they lived, ate and exercised."Vision for good health :Dr Kalmadi

According to the doctor all kinds of body illnesses and aches can be cured through the science of Ayurveda as it goes down to find the root cause of the disease and treat it.

The treatment offered at KARE has the ability to treat mind, body and soul simultaneously! Also available here is the Sadhana treatment, which is one of the most powerful forms of Ayurveda, The Sadhana treatment has been in practice in Kerala for centuries. It is a treatment, which scientifically applies knowledge researched by Indian sages to treat most illnesses.

Every patient who comes to the institute for treatment undergoes a thorough body typing exercise with the help of the Doctor. The body character of the patient, the mental attitude of the patient is determined and the complete medical history of the patient analyzed. After this, the patient's body constitution is divided into three categories, Wind, Fire and Kaphi.

Dr M Irani, an Acupuncturist by practice, who is on the staff at KARE, and who has been with the establishment since its inception says, "When the patient comes for an Ayurvedic oil massage, we recognize the sickness and then give them the appropriate treatment. The treatment that we give can cure Skin diseases, Arthritis, Parkinson's disease among others. The body massage is given according to the body constitution. The oldest person who came in for a massage was a 92-year-old woman."

Beautiful and spacious roomsThe center has two treatment rooms, one for men and one for women. The masseurs are trained in delivering different types of massages. KARE also provides for herbal beauty treatments, rejuvenation therapy, body purification therapy, slimming programs, spine and neck care.

The Establishment has arrangements for 18-20 people to stay at a time along with indoor catering facilities. There is also a trained dietician to look after the dietary requirements of the patients. All the food is cooked in cow's ghee and the diet is planned according to the patient's constitution of the body. The diet is strictly vegetarian.

According to Doctor Kalmadi, "Most people come to KARE and stay for 2-3 days, but people with serious ailments spend longer periods at the institute."

Kamala under ShirodharaOn our visit to KARE we spoke to an Israeli lady, Kamala Sunder, who was on her 3rd visit to India. When asked how she came to KARE, she replied that she met Dr Kalmadi at a Pranic Healing course in Pune and he invited her to visit KARE. Says Sunder "I liked the place very much on my first visit last June." A person who is interested in Pranic Healing, Kamla came to KARE for, in her words, "to cleanse my body and for the Panch karna treatment." In her opinion this is the best place in India and finds Delhi very polluted.

KARE has other facilities too one can enjoy a game of croquet, table tennis, billiards and even golf. It Plies buses for Airport and Station pick-up. KARE has specially designed a treatment for all those busy and overstressed professionals who have no time to watch their health and those seeking longevity and spiritual solace. A complete health and fitness program has been designed with special treatment for ladies by lady masseurs and special yoga and meditation sequences. Dr Kalmadi's enthusiastic team members

Treatment packages are available for seven days (Monday to Friday), two days (Saturday and Sunday) or half-days. The treatment comes with a price attached, of course. A day's stay with treatment and food will cost approximately Rs.2000 for Indian guests and $100 for foreign guests.

The treatments that are available at KARE are

NETRA-VASTHI: A special treatment for the eyes.
NASYAM: Administration of Medicated Oil / Herbal Juice through Nostrils.
SNEHAPANAM: Oral administration of Medicated Ghee.
KATI-VASTI: Special local treatment for back problems.
CHAVITTI UZHICHIL: (Special Kerala type of massage by foot for rejuvenation and healthy body.)

Ummm...Good health begins with healthy foodHERBAL BEAUTY TREATMENTS NJAVARA / ELA / PODI KIZHI :
Application of boluses made of various Ayurvedic Herbs in a Muslin Bag, rubbed all over the body by trained therapists.
DHARA : (Thakra Dhara / Shiro-Dhara) In this process, Medicated Butter milk or warm Herbal Oils is poured on the forehead continously for more than 30 mins.
PIZHICHIL : Warm Herbal Oil poured all over the body by trained therapists in a rhythmic manner amidst chanting of Mantras.
SIROVASTHI : Lukewarm Herbal Oiles are poured into a Special Leather Cap fitted on the head.
UDVARTANAM : Special body massage with Medicated Powders.
ABHYANGAM : Special type of oil massage.

Address: Kerala Ayurvedic Rejuvenation & Research Establishment Misty Valley, Village Gonawadi, Mulshi Khrud, Tal. Mulshi, Pune
Phone: 553 2757

Text: Rahul Surkund
Photographs: Hari Krishna



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