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Just Baked  

Just Baked, Just HangoutRamgopal Varma,
whizzing past, thought it was just the place to shoot a scene for 'Jungle'. Karen Anand was convinced Danesh was just the person to demonstrate the art of dishing out a fine roll for the 'Good Food Guide' Show on Star Plus. And Youngsters of the city think it's just the place to hangout. With the kind of attention the place seems to receive, Just Baked, seemed, just the place to check out.
Situated in an enviable location on the fashionable Dhole Patil Road, brothers, Aspi and Nozer Kajian knew they had a winner on hand when they started operations in July 1995. "My Uncles invested the money and I am the brain and baker behind this venture," quips Danesh Mahershahi, the talented nephew who runs the swanky store. Danesh, who completed a course in catering at Mumbai's Sophia College, served at the Taj Flight Kitchen in Mumbai and later moved to Miami to pick up valuable work experience on the Royal Caribbean Luxury Cruise Liner.
Aspi & Nozer Kajian
Back home, he consented to help out with the snack bar cum bakery his Uncles had planned to open in Pune. ''When we arrived in the city to check out the bakery scene, what struck us was the limited range of goodies available. It was the usual fare of Pineapple, Black Forest and at the most Torte to add a dash of variety," he says amusedly.

Homework done, they knew just what to offer the city. Just Baked arrived in style with swanky interiors and the open kitchen concept that exuded both class and cleanliness."What is there to hide?" quizzes Danesh." We believe in total transparency," he says and continues, "In fact, thanks to the see -through kitchen, the work area is always spanking clean," he chortles on
"Even this aura surrounding secret recipes is all hogwash. I have no hesitation sharing my recipe. I share it and then go ahead and change it, big deal!" he says and chuckles uproariously.

It is apparent that Danesh is very happy with the way things have turned out. In fact the whole store exudes an air of Danesh and the art of Fine Baking camaraderie. Be it is in the way youngsters go about helping themselves to the puffs and rolls or in the enthusiastic ways of the staff. A family run concern, Aspi or Nozir are always around to oversee the day's proceedings. Yet they restrain from any hawk like vigilance. The workers are given a free hand. No strict instructions on how many drops of Mayonnaise and how many tissue papers to be doled out. Compromising on Quality or Quantity is something the Kanjian Brothers wouldn't dream of. Competition does not seem to faze them. In fact, says Danesh smugly, "We are glad similar eateries are surfacing across the city as finally customers will be able to compare products and tell the difference."

Smugness is something you cannot take away from Danesh, at least not after digging into the Tiramisu, relishing the
Calzone and Ratatouille and attacking the sinful Choco Moco, unmindful that it is simultaneously attacking your hips.

By Shabari Shetty
Photographs by Harikrishna

Address: Just Baked, # 198/3, Chandrakant Chambers, Dhole Patil Road, Pune - 411 001
Phone: 612 7278 / 612 0693

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