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Makhmalbaf's Iranian Film Festival

After a deluge of French and German films, Puneri filmbuffs can now enjoy a different treat. The Aashay Film Club in association with the National Film Archives (NFAI) is organising an Iranian Film Festival featuring a selection of the celebrated Iranian Film maker Mohsen Makhmalbaf.
One of the contemporary exponents of Iranian movie-making, Makhmalbaf is also one of the most active artists of the post-revolutionary period in Iran. At the age of 31 years, he made his debut as a director with Nassouh Repentant in 1982. He wrote twenty-eight short stories, three novels, ten plays, two books of essays, and twenty-eight scripts, several of which have been forbidden. Along with the great Iranian director Abbas Kiarostami, Makhmalbaf is known to have imbibed the spirit of neo-realism and social cinema with a thread-bare plot about ordinary and everyday happenings of life in Iran. Makhmalbaf is known internationally for his films like The Peddler, The Cyclist and Once Upon a Time, Cinema. Winner of fifteen international awards, Makhmalbaf has produced about 20 short and feature length films, most of which have been shown at several film festivals around the world.

Three cheers to the Aashay film club for making efforts to organise this festival, which Puneites will surely cherish for long time.
All films are subtitled in English and will be screened at the NFAI auditorium.

Membership required for entry.

21st March to 26th March

Wednesday 21st March 6:30 pm

The Actor
Cast: Akbar Abdi, Fatemeh Motamed-Ari, Mahaya Petrossian

The story of Akbar Adbi, a popular film actor who always wanted to act in serious art films, but a number of
circumstances , including financial problems, force him to appear in commercial productions. Once again Abdi decides to never act in commercial movies but his wife decides to have a child....

Thursday 22nd March 6:30 pm

Once Upon a Time - Cinema

Cast: Ezzatollah Entezami, Mehdi Hashemi, Parvaneh Masoumi, Akbar Abdi

The Iranian Monarch, who has 84 wives and 200 children, is against cinema. But at his first encounter with cinema, the King falls in love with the heroine of the movie. So intense is his passion that he gives up his kingdom and harem for the sake of his beloved, and becomes a film actor.

Friday 23rd March 6:30 pm

Cast Majid Majidi, Mohammad Kasebi, Ardalan Shojai

The story dates back to the years before the Islamic Revolution. Valeh forsakes his family in order to follow his political activities. Eventually, police arrest Valeh while his wife is experiencing personal problems and economic hardships. As an inmate, Valeh questions his political ideas, while his comrades urge him to sacrifice himself for the propaganda purposes. Inspired by a militant muslim, Valeh faces death, but for a different cause.

24th March 9:00 pm

The Cyclist
Cast: Moharram Zeinatzadeh, Eamail Soltanian

Nasim, an Afghan refugee, who needs money for the treatment of his ailing wife, wagers to pedal a bicycle nonstop for a week. A number of people lay best and decide to go along. Nasim's little son accompanies his father in order to help him win.

Sunday 25th March 6:30pm

Marriage of the Blessed
1989/B7W and Col 96mins
Cast : Mahmoud Bigham, Roya Nonathali, Ali Abadan

After a partial recovery from the impact of explosion waves, Haji, a young combatant leaves hospital and is adviced by doctors to get married for perfect recuperation. His fiancee's father is a businessman, who is planing to marry his daughter to a rich man. While resolving the problem of marriage, Haji gains a new understanding of social problems. He has a relapse during the wedding and is taken back to the hospital. Going over the recent events he comes to the conclusion that the battle front is the only place for him, and leaves the hospital before complete recovery.

Sunday 25th March 8:15pm

Seeking Refuge
Cast : Mohamad Kasebi, Majed Taalesh Majeedi, Mas'ud Qandi

Five wandering men started on an endless journey with evil (Satanic) thoughts. One of them, who runs away from the group, drowns in the river, the other commits suicide. The third one, attempting to murder fellow companion, himself gets killed and the fourth one falls in a river and dies. The last man who could fight against the evil thoughts (ideas) which occured to him, succeeds and gets freedom.

Monday 26th March 6:30 pm

The Peddler
Cast: Zohreh Sarmadi, Esmail Sarmadian, Behzad Behzapour

The peddler is a film in three episodes produced by the Arts Bureau of the Organisation for the propagation of Islamic Thought. Though each episode depicts a different story, all three parts are related in their support of the religious notion of unchangeable predestination. In one episode, the peddler is involved with a gang of smugglers. Though he knows he is about to be killed by the gang, the peddler is proven helpless in his attempt to change his faith.

Text-- Harikrishna
Information and
Photo Courtesy: Aashay Film Club and


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