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Children's Film Festival

For the past one-year, films screened by the Children's Film Society of India (CSFI) have been a big hit with the children in Pune. Aptly called Har Raviwar, Balchitrawar, the films are regularly screened every Sunday at the Prabhat Theatre. More than 30,000 kids and their parents have so far enjoyed the CSFI's internationally acclaimed films. To celebrate the completion of one year, CSFI has organised a children's film festival. This seven-day film festival includes seven new CSFI films, seven CSFI animation films, two Iranian films and a Swiss film. Many of these award-winning films have been internationally acclaimed. With a view to promote films for children, among children, the tickets are very reasonably priced at a very nominal rupees five per show. And of course the pleasure of watching films in the more than half a century old Prabhat Theatre is yet another unforgettable experience.

All films will be screened at 9:30 am at Prabhat Theatre, Appa Balwant Chowk.
For advance booking call 445 8856

Tuesday 24th April 9:30am

1) Radio Comes to Rampur
Hindi / 46mins
Director: Asha Dutta

The Zamindar's family brings the very first radio to the village of Rampur

2) Ballu Shah (Animation Film)
Director: Rajesh Agrawal

The story of Ballu Shah, a born miser who vows to feed a Brahmin.

Wednesday 25th April 9:30am

1) The Goal
Hindi / 85mins
Director: Gul Bahadur Singh

An ace football coach spots great talent in a scruffy young boy called Manu and decides to give him a chance in the prestigious team Eleven Bullets.

2) Victor (Animation Film)
Hindi / 20mins
Director: A R Sen

This is a story of Victor, a poor boy with a magic paintbrush.

Thursday 26th April 9:30am

1) Anna (Switzerland)
Hindi / 76mins
Director: Greti Klay / Jurgen Brauer

2) Adventure of Sugar Doll (Animation Film)
Hindi / 14mins
Director: Kanitlal Rathod

This cartoon film narrates the many escapades of a sugar doll, while at the same time conveying the procedures involved in the production of sugar.

Friday 27th April 9:30am

1) Bachhe Kam Ke Sachhe (Iran)
Hindi / 90mins
Director: Kumbozia Portovi

Naneh Lala is an old woman whose children have moved away to town. Her house is about to be demolished and her son Ali wants to speak to her. The only telephone in the neighborhood is locked up and so is the owner's son. Will Naneh Lala finally speak to her son?

2) Gauriya Ki Champi (Animation Film)
Director: Gautam Benegal

The story of Tun, a little bird, and his head massage.

Saturday 28th April 9:30am

1) Chhote Miya Subhan Allah (Iran)
Director:Ibrahim Foruzesh

In the absence of his father, the eldest son of the family who is only eleven years old tries to contribute to the family income. But his clandestine efforts to earn money leads to poor performance at school, and this incurs the wrath of his mother.

2) Tupa Tup Tupa Tup (Animation Film)
Director: Gautam Benegal

The story of an enraged Dhobi searching for his missing donkey in pouring rain, in a forest.

Sunday 29th April 9:30am

1) Bhago Bhoot

Director: Sai Paranjpye

The story of Nanu, bright and mischievous, and his friendship with a fake ghost 'Bhago Bhoot'.

2) Taru (Animation Film)
Director: Ram Mohan

This is a story of a man and a tree.

A review of films, which have already been screened:

Sunday 22nd April 9:30am

1) Katt Katt Kad Kaddu
Director: Jayashree Kanal

Captain Hemant Joshi, a retired Naval officer, lives all by himself and loves gardening, particularly his prized pumpkin. Children make fun of him behind his back, but do not dare to go near him. This actually suits the captain, as he is not particularly fond of children. What happens when his rival comes into the picture?

2) Jaise Ko Taisa (Animation Film)
Director: Madhav Kunte

A story from Panchatantra about a cunning fox, which learns its lessons.

Monday 23rd April 9:30am

1) Pakada Gaya
Director: Parikshit Sahani

Meena and Pappu find a stray monkey. The monkey seems to be enjoying its new habitat and it not only steals food but also satisfies its curiosity about household gadgets. The monkey is a big hit with the kids, but not with their parents. The police and the zoo superintendent are called to trap the monkey. Just as the monkey is taken away, there is a sound of a drum heard in the street, which makes the monkey very restless.

2) Pehele Aap
Director: Virendra Saini

In the kingdom of Meethapur, the king is given a prediction of his death, which is exactly after two hours.

By Harikrishna
Photographs Courtesy: Children's Film Society of India


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