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Angela hits town

"Man, do you know Angela is six feet one inch tall! Man, what a woman. And what a singer." That's trumpet player Jehangir giving a personal introduction to this top Brazillian singer from Kansas city. Angela Hagenbach was in Pune to play at the Jazz Garden along with the Mumbai band Nexus. "Angela was on a trip to Mumbai for Jazz Yatra. The Yatra got postponed, and even though Angela has a packed schedule, she decided to make it to Pune," explains Homi of the Jazz Garden.

Diva from KansasA great looker, Angela could easily pass of as a model. "Oh yeah, I did modelling for a while, but then I heard Sarah Vaughan singing Black Coffee and that was it, I opted to tread the 'jazzy' way," she croones. She immediately joined a gospel choir and soon after turned to Jazz. That was way back in 1986. There was no looking back for Angela's lush contralto tracing nearly three octaves. Angela sings everything from straight-ahead jazz and blues to sensual and rhythmic Latin Jazz. And not satisfied with just all this, she formed Amazon Records in 1994 through which she cut four of her albums.

Backing her husky vocals was Louis Banks and his boys from Nexus. Banks did his jazz gyrations on the keys, which Angela crooned out. With 17-year-old Sheldon D'Silva on the Bass, Sangeeet Haldipur on the Keyboards and the 16-year-old drummer Gino Banks, son of Louis Banks, the band packed a lot of punch to the show.

Tinku, a serious Jazz fanatic sitting bang in front of the stage is mesmerised with Angela's
effortless agility and sensuality ."Angela baby, don't stop, don't stop, just go on baby," he pleads.

No wonder Jazz critic Mickey Coalwell has high praise for Angela "Good jazz singers are rare, Hagenbach is more than just good, she's extraordinary." Angela, we hope you could come back to Pune for another round. A faint sound comes and fades into the night "Angela baby, don't stop, don't stop, just go on."

Text and Photographs by Harikrishna


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