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Stallion UPS - The inevitable power pack for your computers

The productsStallion was established in 1990 by Mr Sunil Armani, an Electrical Engineer from Pune University. The Product design itself ensures safety and utility, with trouble free performance for long periods of operation. Within its sleek frame, Stallion has an automatic voltage regulator, spike suppressor and battery charger with internal and external batteries.

When the AC power is present, the batteries filter out the external stablised power to the computer. If there is a failure of AC power or there are voltage fluctuations, Stallion provides the backup power instantaneously and automatically. The buzzer beeps at an interval of three minutes during the backup period and beeps continuously prior to the three minutes of total discharge of the batteries, allowing enough time to shut down your PC. After that the inverter shuts off with a low battery indication. When the mains are restored, it automatically switches back to the main and starts recharging the batteries so that it is ready to provide back-up power.

The product has the backing of experienced and knowledgeable The productstechnocrats known to strive for excellence and commited to customer satisfaction. Rigorous testing procedures, field proven design and a two-year warranty makes the product a safe and worthy investment proposition.

Features of Stallion UPS:

  • Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) Technique: Effective Voltage regulation output and voltage regulation on load.
  • Transformers: A unique two-transformer design
  • Precision Switchover: Switches power to the computer through the inverter under abnormal conditions of input voltage.
  • Cold Start Facility: Enables to start the computer in no power situations.
  • Safe Charger: The constant voltage and variable current battery charger ensures guaranteed battery charging and safe battery life.
  • CRGO Inverter: Enhances inverter efficiency to utilise the battery power.
Address: Armani Electrodynamics, B # 121, Satyam Estate, Behind CDSS, Off Karve Road, Pune - 411 004,
Phone: 543 8861 / 5446841.

Text: Prasad Hiranwar
Photo Courtesy: Stallion UPS
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