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Muromoto Tekko Co. Ltd

Muromoto Tekko Co.Ltd, the Japan based pneumatic, hand tools manufacturing company is set to market its product in India.

Osamu Muromoto, President, Muromoto Tekko Co.Ltd.Muromoto Tekko Co. Ltd., a leading Japanese pneumatic hand tools manufacturing company based in Osaka, with an annual turnover of Yen 3.5 billion (approx. 30 million US dollars or Rs.150 crores) is ready to introduce its products in the Indian market. The company plans to market their Nile brand of pneumatic tools and Merry brand of hand tools, which are quite well-known in Japan and are being widely used by leading Japanese automotive and white good manufacturers like Toyota, Honda, Suzuki, Sony, Sharp, Matsushita, Sanyo, etc. in India. Muromoto Tekko would be marketing its products through Pune based Arihan Trades Pvt. Limited. The company plans to have a strong network of dealers all over India, to look after the sales and service of all Muromoto Tekko company products, by the end of this year.

Muromoto Tekko is a pioneer in cutting blades technology and most of the products are based on this technology giving a leading edge to its products. Popular in Japan, East Asian and European countries. The company has, until now, never ventured into marketing any of its products directly in India. "We are confident that the introduction of our tools in India will greatly enhance productivity and improve quality of end products," asserted Osamu Muromoto, President of Muromoto Tekko Co. Ltd.

Muromoto Tekko Co. Ltd. introduced Merry brand of hand tools in 1927 and since then continuous improvements have been made to provide innovative technology, patented hand tools to Japanese and other Asian countries, and now the Indian industries. The range of Merry tools include Cable cutters, Plastic cutting nipper tools, heat nippers, special innovative application pliers, palm grip cutters, plastic duct cutters, conduit pipe cutters and Plica tube cutters to name a few.

The pneumatic cable stripper The company has been manufacturing Nile pneumatic tools since 1967 and their Nile power cutter (Nipper) is an extremely popular product. There are no limitations for Nipper applications. The Nipper can cut metals like copper, steel, besides soft and hard plastics. The Nipper can also be used in wire lugs for crimping, punching, wire bending and other various innovative applications by just changing the blades. According to Mr.Muromoto, Indian design engineers can design various automation products and systems for all types of cutting automation, which, in his opinion, would boost automation in India in the field of cutting technology.

Besides Nippers (Power Cutters), Muromito Tekko, are also popular in the Electrical industry. The Pneumatic Cable stripper concept is new to the Indian industry. Different types of single, shielded, multi-core, flat and two-stage cables can be stripped, using these power cutters and their blades are designed to suit the respective cable application. The pneumatic cable stripper helps boost the productivity of the electrical industry and provide a constant strip length, without damaging the conductors, thus enhancing the quality. The Air twister twists the stripped cable to enable easy insertion in lugs or terminals. Earlier methods use hand pliers, which is time consuming. The Wire Twister twists the two separate wires together, which makes it an extremely effective tool for applications like manufacture of wire harnesses, and also for the electrical industry in general, for all types of wire applications.

Another innovative power tool is the One-shot hammer developed specially for Japanese automobile manufacturers. The tool can be used to insert bushings, bearings, collars, pins, oil seals etc. in engine assemblies, thereby increasing productivity and minimizing noise pollution. Air shears is another useful product to cut thin metal sheets, plastic plates etc. The Heavy-duty air saw is used to cut 6 mm, 9 mm steel and 30 mm plastics. The File-saw combination is used to achieve both cutting and filing operations, with the same tool.

Says, Mr. Moromito optimistically, "We hope that both our Nile power tools and Merry hand tools will play an important role in the Indian industry and result in increasing productivity as well as quality.


Arhan Trades Pvt. Ltd, K-59-60, Arhan, Madhavshree Society, Ganeshmala Sinaghad Road, Pune-411030. Telefax: 020-4329126.

By Rahul Surkund
Pics- Courtesy- Arhan Trades Pvt. Ltd.

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