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Urvashi Kadam

Urvashi Kadam was recently promoted as CEO, Capital ImUrvashi at work ages, Pune. She is an Economics graduate from St Xavier's College, Mumbai and an MBA from the Jamnalal Bajaj Institute. Marriage took her to Dubai where she joined an advertising firm. Possessed with considerable work experience in the field of Public Relations, she returned to Pune four years ago. Urvashi helped set up Capital Images, a premier public relations company in the city. Today she heads the sixteen member
strong workforce and is all set to move further ahead in the field of Public Relations.

Poona best spoke to Urvashi and got an insight into the PR industry

Q. What were your first thoughts on being promoted?
A. I was very glad that my work in the organization has been recognized. It's been an achievement for me as I started the Pune operations from scratch, being the only employee. I have seen the company grow from strength to strength. It's no small feat to be leading a team of professionals.

Q. What would the new post entail - as far as responsibility goes?
A. It would mean managing the network of offices and identify the key source of our business.

Q. How did you join the PR industry after doing an MBA?
My husband was working in Dubai and I joined him there. For a postgraduate from Bajaj there were not many suitable management jobs as Dubai was in the midst of a construction boom. I began working for an advertising agency whose biggest client was Phillip Morris. That's where I got my initial grounding in PR

Q. Can you sight the reasons for the sudden rise in the popularity of the PR industry?
A. The boom in the PR started in 1991 due to the rise in the number of companies going for Initial Portfolio Offers. This is the time companies started realizing the need for PR to build their brand image.

Q. What are the attributes essential for a good PR professional?
A Apart from the intellectual capabilities that a PR professional must possess, he must be a 'people person' and must have the innate skill to get along with people. It is also essential for people to have a code of ethics.

Q.  You established, what one could consider, the first professional PR firm in Pune, how were your initial years?
A. The first 2 years were tough; we were forced to educate the market about PR as we were the first PR Company in the Market.

Q Pune Market being a traditional one, who were your initial corporate clients?
A. Most of our initial clients were from the engineering field. Today we have a number of software clients.

Q. Now that the World Trade Organisation (WTO) regulations are in force, how would the PR firms use it to their advantage?
A. On account of the WTO guidelines coming in, most companies have been forced to look at new ways of promoting themselves to establish their corporate identity. This is were we can be of assistance.

Q. For a newcomer wanting to enter the PR industry, what, in your opinion, are the qualities he needs to instill?
A. Self discipline, coming on time and keeping ones commitment. I think I learnt to be disciplined in Dubai.

Q. What do you in your free time?
A. I used to play bridge and swim. Now I have two kids and a demanding job, so that does not leave me with much free time.

Interview by: Rahul Surkund
Photo Courtesy: Urvashi Kadam

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