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Tribal Museum

A visit to this museum is a must as the museum provides an insight into the life of tribal communities via pictures and artifacts of the life and customs of the very unusual tribals of Maharashtra.

Tribal museum

Tribal Museum along with others in Pune has always been a centre of attraction for people from Pune and tourists from all across the world.

Different primordial tribes in Maharashtra have always been an interesting topic for research. That apart even as a common modern man one is curious about the culture and the lifestyle of these tribes. Taken in to consideration this common curiosity and also in an attempt of preserving different aspects of the tribal culture for the generations to come, the Tribal Museum on the Queen’s Road in Pune was constructed. The museum displays hundreds of different articles used by different tribal communities living in the state of Maharashtra. Tribal museum

As you enter in, you are in an altogether different world. The splendid display of the lifestyle of the tribal communities in general and those belonging to the Sahyadri and Gondwana regions of Maharashtra literally hypnotize the visitors.

The articles in the daily use of the tribal communities, their ornaments, musical instruments, clothes, utensils, weapons and many more have been artistically kept here for the general display.

The pictures and the artifacts made by these people are just amazing. They may not be perfect masterpieces from the technical point of view; but they have got the flavor of the soil.

The museum thus attracts not only the tourists and common visitors; but also researchers and archeologists.

Tribal museum Taking into consideration the importance of the museum in the field of research and archeology, the managing committee has consistently been trying to add as many items to it as possible. You find an exceptional documentation of different facets of the tribal culture of Maharashtra.

The museum is located at 28 Queens Road near railway station.

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