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The National War Museum

The National war museum in Pune is a museum of national interest and national importance. It was in the year 1996 that the idea of the National war Museum was proposed for the first time. After two years, in 1998 the National War Museum was inaugurated and opened.

National War Museum

This museum is situated at Pune Cantonment, an area reserved for armed forces. It is surrounded by lush green trees and thus looks very appealing.

The National War Museum is a result of public’s initiative to set up some museums in fond memory of the Indian soldiers who laid down their lives for the nation. The citizens of Pune, under the Express Citizens’ Forum established the War Memorial Fund. Thus funds were collected from the citizens of the country for this noble cause. From the rich business executives to the common man, all contributed to this fund according to their abilities. Then the foundation of the National War Museum was laid in November 1977 and finally opened for the public in October 1998.

National War MuseumThe National War Museum, also known as the National War Memorial is a patriotic site. It is made of pillars and measures 25 feet. It is the only war memorial in South Asia which was constructed by raising funds from the public. The museum has a MIG 23 BN that was used in the Kargil War, for public display..

The War Museum is a place of educational importance. Students guided by their teachers visit the place and they know more about the martyr’s sacrifices. Thus they also learn the social values.

Every state should have a war museum which exemplifies the sacrifices of the war martyrs. With the National War Museum, Pune can take pride in its national heritage. Such a museum not only keeps the national history alive; but it also adds currency to the national treasury by being a place of tourist interest. Foreigners who are unaware of the great souls who lost their lives in wars, can feel their value by visiting such a museum.

National War Museum
Thus the National war museum is a place of immense significance. If you are in Pune and have not visited this, you have surely missed something. Go and have a view of this magnificent war museum. By this, you can recall the forgotten lives who had laid down their lives for the betterment of the society.

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