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Pashan Lake

Pashan lake is a manmade lake, built by bunding a small rivulet (Ram nadi). The rivulet originates from Bavdhan and flows via Pashan, Sutarwadi, Baner to Someshwarwadi before flowing into the main Mula river. The total catchment area is 40 square kilometres. Lake served as a source of water to old Pashan village, for growing crops all the year round and to nearby Governor's house. Lake and its surrounding area attracts migratory birds and so is popular spot for bird watchers.

Bund Gardens

Pashan Lake is a picturesque lake in Pune. The lake offers one an opportunity to see different types of local and migratory birds. In the near future Pashan Lake will be transformed into a bird sanctuary. This will be done in order to safeguard the uncommon bird species.

Pashan Lake is a haven for bird watchers. People who are studying Ornithology also frequent this lake. Visitors get the opportunity to see different species of birds over here like gray heron, purple moorhen, white and red lapwing and little egret. Moreover, visitors can also get to see house crow, Coot, whitebreasted Kingfisher, jungle Babbler, mahratta woodpecker, cattle Egret, cotton teal, red-rumped swallow, rufousbacked shrike, spotbill, openbilled stork, pied kingfisher, redvented bulbul, purple sunbird, cormorant, pied male bushchat, jungle Crow, Indian whiskered tern, bonnelli's eagle, pied Wagtail, purple heron, marsh harrier, shoveller, Drongo, Indian pipit, pheasant tailed Jacana, magpie robin, redwattled lapwing and wren warbler over here. In the true sense, this lake allures all the bird-watchers. Bund Garden

Very close to the Pashan Lake there is a nest of Bonelli's Eagle. WWF, India looks after the preservation of this nest. This nest is located on a hilltop and has been there for the past 13 years.

The best time to visit this lake is from September to June. During winter time this place is frequented by several migratory birds. In order to avoid scorching rays of the sun, people are seen to be carrying hats, sunglasses and light cottons.

A boating facility is also provided here for the sake of visitor's recreation. People interested in fishing, however, have to seek prior permission.

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